DocFox-ExcellerateExcellerate JHI is a leading property management company that assists both property owners and tenants with the development, buying, selling, leasing, valuing and management of their properties. In order to continue upholding their culture of service excellence, innovation and tailor-made solutions, Excellerate JHI partnered with DocFox to continue providing their clients with exceptional experiences while ensuring full FICA compliance throughout the business. 

We met with Nerina Daliccani, who at the time of the interview was the Money Laundering Control Officer, and Sasha Thomas, KYC Officer at Excellerate JHI to find out how DocFox automated their Know Your Client (KYC) process and upheld their commitment to service excellence.

From manual to automated client onboarding in a matter of days

Prior to using DocFox, Excellerate JHI had to manually onboard tenants and clients, but soon realised their need for a flexible tool that would suit their unique needs, streamline their KYC processes and mitigate their risks, all while not compromising on the quality experiences their clients had come to appreciate.

To elaborate on this, Nerina states “We required an automated tool to assist us with mitigating the possible risks involved with our manual onboarding process. DocFox was the only service provider that could really meet our needs and assist with enhancements to the software and process so that it caters for our business needs. We are quite a complex business as we not only have clients, we also have tenants who are the clients of our clients and we need to do KYC on behalf of these tenants as well.”


Peace of mind during Audits and Inspections

In addition to automating their onboarding, DocFox has also provided the compliance team peace of mind when it comes to both client and regulatory audits. When asked to elaborate on this Sasha responded “It’s become a lot easier. Auditing is very scary as it is, we are going through an audit at the moment, and DocFox has made life much easier. Everything is loaded on the system, therefore whatever the auditor requests from us, we can easily access it at the click of a button.” 


Impress various stakeholders while still going above and beyond the call of FICA compliance

Excellerate JHI has many stakeholders with a variety of expectations and requirements and so not only do Excellerate JHI have to deliver on exceeding expectations of these stakeholders but there are important compliance and legislative requirements that need to be taken care of too. Nerina adds to this by telling us “DocFox has played a key role in ensuring that responsibility is met with our clients.” 

Sasha supports this by explaining that DocFox has enabled them to easily collect required documents from tenants, clients and landlords. Once the correct and valid documents have been collected using DocFox the team can just as easily access these documents – completely eliminating the need for the team to have back and forth communication with clients. “It has actually made our clients much happier and a lot less stressed out when it comes to compliance.”


An easy to use tool for any industry

We asked Nerina if she would recommend DocFox to others based on her experience of using the software and the overall implementation. She explained that although KYC compliance needs vary greatly depending on your industry, DocFox can be configured according to your rules no matter what industry you are in and so “I think any other business, no matter the industry, would benefit from having DocFox as a KYC tool”. 

To add to this we asked Sasha how she feels when logging into DocFox to which she replied, “We feel empowered and the reason for that is because DocFox has become a tool that we use daily. It has empowered us to learn more about compliance, legislation as well as what compliance entails and it’s made it a very easy process for us to go ahead and do it every day. It’s very user friendly and we love working on it, because it’s easy, it’s hands-on and we have fun using it on a daily basis.” 

To conclude and summarise on Excellerate JHI’s experience with DocFox, we asked Annie Singh, current AML Compliance Manager, for her thoughts on the above, her response was “The case study is brilliant. I am truly grateful for all the assistance that you and the team provide. It is highly appreciated.”

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